In large companies I have managed 158 production servers as the primary DBA as well as shared responsibility for 400+ servers. As an example of some of the requests I get are “we don’t know which server this user has access to, but go check all 400+ server and take his access out” or another […]

This will search all databases on a server for 1. tables of a specific name 2. that are not already compressed and 3. with row counts over 10 million.  The return will be a script that you can look over and decide to run all or pieces of it. I have been dealing with compressed […]

Step by step guide to take SQL Server 2012 new feature Available Groups (Hadr) to Production Why is this different from all of the other step by step guides?  Because I make a living as a DBA and not as a writer and I lived through this experience. Defining the name: When I talk to […]